Under Vehicle Search Mirror

The Under Vehicle Search Mirror is portable inspection mirrors that are invaluable for looking into hard to see places in high security areas.

Use wherever dirct observation is not possible. The mirror is with either a Trolley or Hand-held system. Inspection mirrors are made of unbreakable acrylic mirror or high durable glass.

Lightweight but sturdy fittings make using the inspections mirrors simple to use and the adjustable mirror head permits access to the most difficult of areas.

Under Vehicle Search Mirror can view underneath. Used by enforcement agencies, engineering, building maintenance, armed services and security guards.

Aluminum handles extend from 42" to 51"6.

Product Features

  • Rods and base painting: Outdoor painting
  • Rods color: Black
  • Mirror size: 12" / 30cm
  • Material of mirror: Acrylic
  • 12" round convex or flat acrylic mirror equipped with adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment.
  • Has a heavy-duty extruded rubber rim to help prevent damaging objects when maneuvering.
  • Available with tripod ball bearing caster wheels, allowing full range of motion with effortless maneuvering.
  • Lightweight with adjustable handle Low 3.5" ground clearance.
  • Available with flashlight, batteries and mounting bracket.
Under Vehicle Search Mirror suppliers in bangalore
Under Vehicle Search Mirror suppliers in bangalore


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